About us

Opiskelijoita kotitalouden kurssilla.

This is Finnish Adult Education Centre of Helsinki 

The Finnish Adult Education Centre, Työväenopisto or colloquially ‘Työvis’ has been providing leisure education for Helsinki residents for over a century. We are officially a liberal adult education institution and a cultural operator that offers local residents independent learning opportunities and cultural experiences in languages and theoretical, practical and art subjects. The mission of the centre is to provide adults with opportunities for self-improvement and lifelong learning – knowledge, skills, experiences – and to promote the wellbeing of the individual and the community based on the principles of liberal adult education.

The operations and curriculum of the centre are based on the values of liberal adult education, which emphasise lifelong learning, the integrity and equality of society, sustainable development, diversity, active citizenship, participation and the autonomy of studies. The operations are partly guided by the City of Helsinki’s values and ethical principles.

Our students appreciate us because the adult education centre

  • has excellent teachers and inexpensive courses,
  • is a pleasant and flexible place to learn and study,
  • offers a selection of thousands of courses and a lot of unique ones, and 
  • is also a community for learning alone and together.  

The Finnish Adult Education Centre in Helsinki is more than just a place, an educational institution or a selection of different courses – we are a community that learns and develops together.  We provide opportunities for lifelong learning with thousands of courses, teachers and students. In addition to courses, you can attend free lectures and a vast number of events. 

Registration for courses is centralised to the joint Ilmonet service of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s adult education centres. Check the courses at the Finnish Adult Education Centre in Ilmonet and join us at Työvis for some inspiring learning! 

Be in the know!

The Työvis newsletter is published once a month during teaching periods.