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The Finnish Adult Education Centre is full of interesting courses with something exciting to learn for everyone. You’ll also meet like-minded people in our courses. We regularly hear stories from customers about the acquaintances and friendships they have made here which have lasted for years. Our courses are both a hobby and a way of life for some of our customers. Whether you are coming to the Centre for the first time or have been with us for years, you are most welcome to join us.

Find our course selection using the Ilmonet, the common course portal for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area adult education centres. 

Catch a last-minute course

You can easily find all the courses at the Helsinki adult education centre with available seats on Ilmonet.

Search for courses starting soon by navigating to the Search page on Ilmonet and clicking on “last-minute” in the top navigation menu. 

Instruction is mainly in Finnish at the Finnish Adult Education Centre and in Swedish at our sister school, Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis. Many courses may have an auxiliary language, as our instructors are happy to use their language skills. You’ll be fine in many courses, such as physical education, even if your Finnish or Swedish language skills are not strong. Our affordable courses are taught by professional, expert instructors who are interested in your learning and enthusiasm about joining the Finnish Adult Education Centre.

Interesting, educational and truly engaging courses for working people to o balance your daily routines, develop your skills and increase your knowledge. 

You can choose from more than 5,400 inspiring courses each year and attend 300 lectures or events. Course registration is usually in August or November–December when the courses are published. Follow our news feed and social media channels to be the first to know. Our courses are popular, so be quick if you have your eye on a particular course. If you didn’t get a seat in a course, join the waiting list or check out the last-minute registrations on Ilmonet

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