Library and open study spaces

The library and the Aino open study centre loan out books and other resources to take home or use on-site, provide information services, and provide guidance on using materials, equipment and software. The library’s collections include literature from the Centre’s subject areas, as well as national and international magazines and newspapers. At the Aino centre, you can use computers, scanners, printers, and digitising equipment for VHS and C-cassettes.

The library’s service is excellent, and the fiction collection is up to date.


Opistotalo main building, 2nd floor, Helsinginkatu 26
tel. 09 310 88590

Open Mon–Thu 12.00 pm noon–19.00, Friday 12 pm noon–17.00

Closed for the summer holiday 9 June–6 August.

Sari Antikainen, Library Manager

Susanna Tiainen, Library Clerk

The library serves students and instructors 

The library is open to all the Centre’s customers. The collection of around 40,000 volumes includes fiction, non-fiction and literature on the Centre’s subject areas. Most of the books can be checked out to take home. The language textbooks used at the Centre have one copy in the reference library, which are only loaned out to instructors. 

Anyone can drop off and pick up any books at the book recycling station. 

Customer information 

If you want to check out library materials, you must register as a customer and provide proof of your identity. Please also remember to update your contact information for the library. 

The library’s loan register is used to monitor lending. The data in the loan register will not be disclosed for external use.

Borrowing and returning loans

Loan periods vary for the various collections in the library. You can renew your loans at the library and Aino, as well as by phone and email. You should return your loaned items to the library or Aino or, when they are closed, to the help desk in the lower lobby of the Opistotalo, our main building located on Helsinginkatu 26. 

The Toivo collection database 

Search the Finnish Adult Education Centre’s Toivo collection database

The library, AV centre and the Finnish Adult Education Centre’s collections.  Please note: The search does not work on the Helsinki1 network. 

Aino, the open study centre 

Opistotalo main building, 3rd floor, Helsinginkatu 26
Make reservations by calling on +358 9 310 88588

Open Mon–Tue 13.00–20.00, Wed–Thu 13.00–19.00, Fri 12.00 pm noon–18.00. 

Digital stations 

The digital stations are open information technology labs at the Finnish Adult Education Centre. You can come in and work independently and ask for help if necessary. 

If you need more in-depth instruction, you can book a 30-minute appointment on the spot. Our experts strive to help with a wide range of IT challenges. The IT labs offer computers with a wide range of software, scanners and printing facilities. 

Cultural Centre Kanneltalo, Information Technology class room, 2nd floor, Klaneettitie 5
09 310 88610
On Thursdays 19 January–4 May, 13.15–15.30, Cultural Centre Kanneltalo/Mikko Kääriäinen

Maunula House, Class room no. 2 on 3rd floor, Metsäpurontie 4
09 310 88516
On Mondays ma 16 January– 8 May, 16.45–20.00, Maunula House/Mikko Kääriäinen

Cultural Centre Vuotalo, nformation Technology class room, 2nd floor, Mosaiikkitori 2
09 310 88628
On Tuesdays 17 January–30 May, 12.45–16.00, Cultural Centre Vuotalo/Hanna Siikamäki

Remote digital support in other languages 

Remote digital support in other languages is available at Cultural Centre Stoa, Cultural Centre Vuotalo, and at the main building Opistotalo’s Aino open study centre. 

It is also possible to book multilingual remote digital support through Helsinki info, tel. +358 9 310 11111  

 Our sister Centre, Helsinki Swedish Adult Education Centre, Helsingfors arbis offers remote digital support in Swedish

Oppiskahvio Cafe

The Oppiskahvio Cafe, maintained by the Opistolaisyhdistys, operates at the Opistotalo (located at Helsinginkatu 26, 2nd floor) and provides refreshments for event and lecture guests during breaks. The café offers both savory and sweet items prepared in its own kitchen, as well as soups and portion salads during lunchtime.

The opening hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Feel free to visit and enjoy our delicious selection!

For more information, you can find the weekly menu here. If you’d like to place an order, you can contact us at or call +358 50 447 4770.

We also provide catering services for Opistotalo meetings and other events. Please make your order at least 10 days in advance.

Welcome to indulge in our tasty offerings at Oppiskahvio!