Course fees

Affordable and inspiring courses

The course fees are determined by the number of lesson hours. A lesson is 45 minutes. If you sign up for a course after the midpoint, the fee is 50% of the normal rate – but always at least 14 euros.

The Centre uses online payments to invoice course fees. You will receive a payment link in your email about a week before the course starts. The payment link will be active for 14 days. You can also pay using the service in the “Payments” section in your personal information. 

If you don’t have an email address, the invoice will be sent to your home by post.


You will be entitled to a 50% discount on the course fee if, when you register for the course, you:   

  • are an unemployed jobseeker 
  • are a military or civil service conscript  
  • receive maternity, paternity and parental allowances or home care allowance  
  • have a valid income support decision  
  • are a student with a valid student ID card or certificate of study from an educational institution  
  • receive a national or guaranteed minimum pension from Kela. 

The minimum course fee is always at least 14 euros. The discount does not apply to printing or material fees.  

The discount is only applied to courses at the normal price and does not apply to pre-discounted course fees, e.g. senior courses. 

Please note: Please prove your eligibility for the discount before paying the course fee and starting the course. Visit a service station or send the document qualifying you for the discount to We do not grant discounts retroactively.  

You can establish your eligibility for the discount with: 

  • a student ID card or certificate of study from an educational institution 
  • the latest statement from an unemployment fund or Kela  
  • an employment policy statement  
  • the most recent decision on income support  
  • a certificate of military or civilian service  
  • Kela’s decision on maternity, paternity or parental leave, national pension or home care allowance.   

You must prove your eligibility for the discount every semester. 

Study voucher discount 

The study voucher grant supports studies for immigrants, unemployed people, those over 63 and retired people. 

Study voucher courses are indicated in the printed guide with the Study voucher label and on with the keyword ‘Opintosetelialennus‘ (study voucher discount) in the course titles.

  • The course fee for a study voucher discount recipient is 14 euros. 
  • You register for study voucher courses normally, and they are subject to the standard cancellation policy. 
  • The study voucher discount cannot be granted retrospectively. 
  • Students are eligible for two study voucher discounts per semester. 

For people aged over 63, the discount on study voucher courses is applied automatically. The study voucher courses geared towards immigrants automatically apply the discount to immigrants with a Finnish personal identity number whose mother tongue is not Finnish or Swedish. For other study voucher courses, you must submit proof of your discount eligibility to customer service or send it by email to

Here’s how you can find the study voucher courses for immigrants using the Ilmonet service: Go to Search page and under ‘Target audience’ menu, choose ‘Immigrants’. Then search with the keyword ‘opintosetelialennus’ (study voucher discount).  

It’s really great that the Finnish Adult Education Centre exists! It’s also important and fantastic that they help students and unemployed people with discounts. I’ve learned a lot of different skills in the courses. Thank you for that!