What is studying with us like

Classroom instruction  in person

Most of the Centre’s courses are taught in-person at our teaching facilities. A lesson is 45 minutes. In most cases, courses are taught for two lessons at a time, i.e. for 90 minutes.  

Online instruction   

Online instruction occurs online, where the instructor and the group are simultaneously present via computers.  

You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and internet access to participate. You can share your comments and opinions with the instructor and other students online.  

Online learning emphasises the students’ active role – the instructor guides and activates students. Your active participation is an important part of creating group interaction.  

To participate in online courses, you should have a good command of information technology basics. The first session will introduce you to the online learning environment and tools. Depending on the course, you may use applications such as Teams, Google Meet and Skype. The course or lecture information will indicate the platform or software used. 

Blended teaching    

Blended teaching allows one part of the group to be present and another to participate remotely. Blended teaching can also be arranged in a way that the group has scheduled in-person meetings and online instruction.  


We also encourage students to study independently on the Centre’s premises. Computers for independent work are available in the lobbies and the library.  Ask the janitors if you need help with a computer. 

The digital stations have computers, a wide range of software, slide, film and photo scanners, and printing facilities.  
All the facilities have an open Stadinet network.  

Self-directed groups 

We also want to allow our students to work independently in our facilities. Courses that have been around for a long time may have closely-knit groups of people who can operate as self-directed groups in the Centre if they want. In this case, the group chooses a contact person from among its members to communicate between the Centre and the group. They can use the space for free and gather to discuss a topic they love. This way, there is always room for new students to join the courses, and old veterans can continue with a familiar group. 

Opiskelija etäopetuksessa omalla sängyllään.

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