Credit courses

The Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre offers competency-based courses for which you receive study credits and a certificate. Such courses are called credit courses or competency-based courses. You can use the certificate in your degree programme or when looking for a job. The printed guide indicates these courses with the Credit Course symbol. 

The objectives and criteria for assessing competence are detailed in the course description. The scope of a course is expressed in credits. The workload per study credit is 27 hours. 

Competence assessments are always voluntary for students. You decide at the beginning of the course whether you want to be assessed and receive a course completion credit. You can also participate in the course without assessment and credit. 
If you consent, your course record will be entered into the KOSKI database maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education. You must provide your consent before the second class meeting. 
We currently offer courses that are graded as pass/fail. A passing grade means you have achieved the course’s learning objectives. After completing the course, only passing grades will be entered into the My Studyinfo service. 

If you want to have your assessed course performance entered into the KOSKI service, you will need to prove your identity with an official document (passport or ID card) and sign a consent form at the beginning of the course. If a student has agreed to store their educational data in the KOSKI service, their grade or record of passing the course will be transferred to the KOSKI database at the end of the course. If the evaluator decides to fail the student’s coursework, this grade will not be stored in the KOSKI database. 

The KOSKI database 

The general content of the data that will be transferred to the KOSKI database is as follows: 

  1. The title of the training and its scope in credits 
  2. The end date of the training 
  3. Competency assessment