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What’s in store for spring?

Practical language skills are effectively developed in a group setting. At the institute, you can study 26 different languages. Thematic short courses and special courses efficiently support and enhance language skills.

The domestic science course selection includes a variety of delicacies and fun activities. Family courses involve shaping wild animal cake pops, while TikTok food trend courses experiment with flavors and food phenomena. Among the courses, there is alsoan opportunity to prepare surplus food, for example.

Art courses offer many opportunities for creativity. Especially in the Emotions to Imagescourse, you delve into expressing emotions through art, while in the relief tile-making course, you experience the joy of hands-on creation.

In crafts, you can start with the basics of woodworking, tufting in Finnish and English, and make not only your own shoes but even shoelaces.

In sports and dance, this spring will feature waltzing to wedding rhythms, Irish-style jamming, and producing rhythm techniques with the body.

New event brochure will be released in January

Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre also organizes hundreds of interesting events and lectures that are open and free for everyone. In January, the event brochure, available for pickup from schools and libraries, provides additional information about the entire offering.

Spring’s lecture topics include biohacking, artificial intelligence, media literacy, the history of the Holocaust, the roots of Finns, presidents as athletes, perspectives on Eurovision, young people of the 2000s, and unknown Africa.

Mark your favorites starting from 13 November

You can explore the diverse offerings of Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre and Arbis starting from 13 November on the online service. Printed guides will not be available for the spring semester, but the fall guides will be released as usual.

You can enroll here on the website around the clock throughout the academic year, starting staggeredly from 27 November at 10.00.

Mon 27.11. Fine Arts, Information Technology, Media, Sports, Well-being, and Health

Tue 28.11. Human, Society, Culture, Domestic Sciences, Crafts, Literature, Theater, Mother Tongue, Music, Nature and Environment, Technology, and Transportation

Wed 29.11. Languages, Finnish as a Second Language (S2)