We organise lectures that are free of charge and open to everyone. Lectures are a great way to address emerging issues in a changing society.   

In addition to current hot topics, the lectures cover classic topics that occasionally recur in the programme. You can listen to a single lecture or an entire lecture series, depending on your interests.  

You do not need to register for lectures; all you need to do is arrive on time. In most cases, there will also be time for discussion after the lecture.   

You can also watch some of the lectures online. Always check the lecture’s time, place and venue in advance at ilmonet.fi.  

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The lecture topics are categorised according to the following themes:  

  • philosophy and religious studies  
  • history  
  • languages  
  • literature  
  • cooking and home economics  
  • cultural awareness  
  • arts and art history  
  • handcraft 
  • nature and environment  
  • media  
  • music  
  • well-being and health  
  • information technology  
  • society 

Welcome to the fascinating world of lectures!